Hydraulic Car Elevator

Car Lifts AutoLIFT

The AutoLIFT complete hydraulic car lift system, is among the most economical, tested and guaranteed propositions in the market of car lifts.

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Hydraulic car lift

The AutoLIFT features high strength and maximum durability with, smooth and quiet movement for both car and passenger.

Capable of lifting up to six tonnes, car lifts are suitable for car parking stations and industrial and commercial buildings, including multi-level vehicle dealerships.

  • Protective bumper rails (elastic, wood, inox)
  • Battery operated automatic emergency release procedure
  • Two car operating panel
  • Overload detection
  • Klemaphone (two way, hands free permanent communication)
  • Fluorescent flush light fittings (O10 ceiling)
  • 3D or 2D infra-red light door detector
  • Remote controls
  • VVVF automatic doors
  • Speed up to 0.63 m/sec
  • High accuracy leveling (option for electronic valve)
  • Microprocessor controller according
  • Heavy duty types of door sill tracks