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What's involved in a Lift Maintenance contract?

So, what is involved in a lift maintenance contract? Below are the top 7 things you should know before signing anything!

1. Can you exit the contract after 30 days?
Long term contracts can prevent lift owners from changing service providers which in some cases can cause negative experiences with customer service, and mechanical servicing. Always ensure that there is an exit clause in your contract to allow you freedom of choice, and peace of mind with your service provider.

2. Is every service fully documented with a comprehensive check list?
It is crucial that copies of on-site service documents are located either with the lift, or in a maintenance folder on site. Not only can this come in handy if an emergency was to occur, but it is actually a requirement of Work Safe! Having these documents on site can ensure compliance of regular servicing in case of an inspection.

3. How long does a lift service actually take?
Your contract should outline minimum expected time frames, as well as what is done during your lift service. We generally recommend at least 45 minutes for a thorough service, including safety feature checks, general adjustments, and completion of a service report to maintain quality and prevent need for expensive repairs. Exercise your right to ask for a written guarantee for service times and servicing details!

4. Is a Safety Check included?
Safety checks are a vital part of lift servicing and safety. A thorough Safety check can take upto several hours, and must be fully documented and details stored on site in order to comply with a Work Safe audit. Ask your service provider if the Safety Check is included in your maintenance contract, and always ask how much extra it will cost you!

5. How much will servicing prices increase over the next 5 years?
Fine print on pricing increases over a fixed amount of years can be expensive and unexpected. Make sure to ask what percentage your contract price will increase over the lifespan of your maintenance agreement.

6. What kind of maintenance contracts are there?
There are two types of maintenance contracts, comprehensive and non comprehensive. Your non-comprehensive contract will only cover the cost of servicing, which can lead to heavy costs if a part requires replacement! We recommend seeking a comprehensive maintenance contract, this will cover both service and spare part costs. Make sure to check with your service provider on what may or may not be covered before signing the agreement to avoid hidden nasties!

7. Do I have the right to ask for proof of qualification from my lift mechanic?
Yes! Every lift mechanic should have relevant training with the product, as well as have an A-Grade electrician qualification. Ensure your mechanic is properly qualified before you sign any agreements, exercise your right to view their qualifications to ensure your safety.

Make sure you know what's involved in a lift maintenance contract before choosing a servicer. These questions should help you find a service provider that can suit your maintenance needs.

Published: February 10, 2015

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