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Why is Lift Maintenance So Expensive?

Hi everyone!

Andrew here. Working in customer service for a lift company, I often hear the question, “Why is lift maintenance so expensive?” The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think. Let me explain why lift companies need to charge what they do.

Firstly, a reputable lift company operates as an emergency service 24/7. We rescue passengers trapped in lifts and ensure essential lifts in hospitals, aged care facilities, and for disability access are always operational. Providing this round-the-clock support requires a substantial workforce.

The Major Cost: Labour

The most significant expense for lift companies is labour. Here’s why:

Office Support Staff: Essential for handling customer issues and ensuring they are resolved promptly.
Accounts Staff: Vital for keeping the company running smoothly and supporting our customers.
Managers: They ensure systems are followed, staff are well-trained and supported, and complex issues are managed efficiently.
Lift Mechanics: These highly skilled professionals are amongst the top-paid trades. Starting as electricians, they train for many years (around eight years from school) to become multi-trade lift mechanics, often holding additional qualifications like scaffolding and riggers tickets.
24/7 Support Team: This includes after-hours phone operators, a Duty Supervisor (a senior staff member) to oversee after-hours calls, and multiple lift mechanics on call to attend emergencies.

Second Factor: Operational Overheads

Besides staffing, maintaining seamless support involves significant overheads. A well-stocked warehouse with a variety of parts is necessary to address most issues. This requires investment in rent, parts, and the staff to manage it all.

This year, overheads have soared:
Insurance costs increased by 15%
Workcover rates doubled
Interest rates rose significantly above CPI

In essence, the worker you see and their van represent just a fraction of the costs. These costs ensure that someone is always there to answer your call and get your lift back in action when you need it most.

I hope this explanation helps you understand and feel a bit better when you receive your next invoice from your lift company!

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Andrew Lewis
Director at Melbourne Elevators Pty Ltd

Andrew Lewis is the driving force behind Melbourne Elevators' exceptional sales and support services. His expertise in understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions has been pivotal in the company’s success. Andrew's approach ensures that each client receives personalised attention and top-notch service.

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Published: May 27, 2024

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