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Melbourne Elevators is manufacturing in Melbourne in 2023!

New Lift Sales on Pause.

Melbourne Elevators has been working with Schneider Germany lift control systems for the past 10 years. After thorough testing, we are pleased to announce that Melbourne Elevators will be manufacturing the German designed Schneider LISA 20 control system in Melbourne in 2023!

Our company will be supplying new lift packages comprising of European mechanical equipment and our locally made lift control system utilising world leading German technology. This will give the end user the security of knowing that the software and systems on their lift are of the highest quality and that all the parts will be in stock or can be sourced locally.

Our aim is to provide better terms for the purchaser, shorter lead times and pricing that is not as exposed to “rise and fall” or the vagaries of international freight. Melbourne Elevators will be able to hold standard commercial and residential lifts in stock to ensure current long lead times are reduced and more favourable deposit requirements.

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To facilitate the design process, and establish local manufacturing facilities, Melbourne Elevators will be pausing the pricing of new lifts until early 2023. Our new lifts should be ready for the release towards the end of 2023.

In conjunction with product design and local manufacturing, Melbourne Elevators will be focusing on building a team of installers and service mechanics to support the new product.

Melbourne Elevators aims to have lifts on display at our Braeside showroom by mid 2023.

We apologise that we cannot price your lift at this time but please consider us for new projects requiring pricing in mid 2023.

Thank you for understanding, we look forward to working with you in 2023 with our Melbourne made Machine Room-less Traction lifts.

Manufacturing in Melbourne utilizing the world leading Schneider LISA 20 German control systems is all about safety, quality and reliability!

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