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How do I choose the right lift?

When it comes to selecting a lift, with such an extensive variety in the market, it can become time consuming, and confusing.

Check the below points to get yourself on choosing the right lift!

  • Does the lift need to carry a wheel chair and a carer?
    If so, the lift cabin will need to be at least 900mm Wide x 1250mm Deep. If not you can go smaller.
  • Is the Budget an important factor?
    Swing door lifts are generally much cheaper than sliding door lifts but they are difficult for people to use in a wheel chair unassisted.
  • The faster a lift goes and the more fancy the finishes the more expensive it is.
  • It is at this point you should contact a range of local lift companies based in your city who have show rooms where you can view their products.
    You then need to wade through the types of drive systems and finishes available.
  • Screw lifts are the cheapest then hydraulics followed by traction lifts (all electric lifts). Remember to ask about maintenance costs and availability of spare parts and the companies service department.
  • Ensure the company uses quality products and uses experienced installers, do they emphasise safety, maintenance and quality manufacturing in their discussions? Where does the lift come from? Quality and safety are closely related!
  • Ensure you understand how the lift is fitted into your building.
    Does it need a masonry structure, a steel tower or is it self supporting?
  • Once you have chosen your supplier and lift it is then essential you get all the dimensions your builder/designer require to fit the lift into your building.

It is essential that the lift is selected then the building designed around it, not the other way around. The most common and serious fault is to draw in a lift shaft too small for the type of lift you require.

Now you know how to choose the right lift!

All the best with your home lift selection process.

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Published: June 18, 2015

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