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Shallow pit and low headroom commercial lifts

An often requested feature is for lifts with shallow pits and low headrooms so building costs can be reduced. There are two Lift Codes that allow for a lift with a shallow pit that are in common use in Australia, AS 1735.16 and EN81.

  • Australian Standards, AS 1735.16 (Part 16 Lifts), for Limited Mobility.
    This option is only for restricted access for people with limited mobility. A Part 16 lift can be in a commercial building but is not designed for use by the general public, only for those with disabilities. The intent of the lift code was to create a cost-effective option for retro fitting into existing or new buildings to enable disabled access. The pits for sliding door Part 16 lifts can be as low as 200mm.
  • The European Lift Code, EN81, allows for reduced pit lifts to be installed in existing commercial buildings such as offices, shops, schools and apartment blocks etc….
    This code is only for retro fitting into existing buildings as it is understood that there are often structural issues that prohibit conventional lift pits 1200mm deep. The minimum pit depth achievable by manufacturers will vary depending on the design of the equipment, the speed of the lift and the type of additional safety provisions installed with the lift to provide safety for lift technicians who may work on the lift in the pit. Contact your local lift suppliers to discuss low pit options. Lifts to be installed into new buildings do not have a low pit option in the Australian or European codes so must have standard pits, most commonly 1000mm-1200mm deep.

Published: August 12, 2019

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