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What is a Service and Safety Check? Why does it matter?

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When it comes to lift maintenance, we often get asked: Whats the difference between a routine service from a safety check? Let's simplify it using something we're all familiar with: cars. Just like cars need routine servicing and occasional checks for safety, lifts need similar attention to keep them running smoothly and ensure passenger safety.

So, what exactly does a safety check involve for lifts in Australia, and how does it differ from routine servicing?

Think of a lift service like giving your car a tune-up – it's about keeping everything running smoothly. On the other hand, a safety check is like a thorough inspection to make sure everything meets strict safety standards.

In Australia, lifts have to meet stringent safety regulations set out by organisations like WorkSafe. These rules require annual safety checks to ensure lifts are safe for passengers and operators.

During a safety check, trained technicians carefully inspect different parts of the lift:

  • Structural Integrity: They check the lift shafts, carriages, and doors for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Electrical Systems: They look at the wiring, control panels, and emergency systems to make sure they';re working properly and meet safety standards.
  • Mechanical Components: They examine the motor systems, brakes, and other mechanical parts to ensure they're in good condition.
  • Emergency Procedures: They test things like emergency stop buttons and evacuation procedures to make sure passengers can get out safely if something goes wrong.
  • Compliance with Standards: They make sure the lift meets all the necessary regulations and guidelines.

Safety checks aren't just about ticking boxes – they're a proactive way to spot potential problems before they become serious. By doing regular safety checks, lift owners show they care about keeping passengers safe and meeting their legal obligations.

In short, while routine servicing keeps lifts running smoothly, safety checks make sure they're safe for everyone to use. It's all about giving your lift the care and attention it needs, just like you would with your car. After all, safety should always come first!

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