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The 3G Network Shutdown and Its Impact on Lift Phones

How does the 3G Disconnection affect you, your clients, and your properties?

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As technology progresses, we often witness the evolution of communication networks. One such change is the imminent shutdown of Australia’s 3G Network, a development that has prompted discussions and actions across various sectors, including the lift industry.

Understanding the Transition
You may have recently received notifications from your telecommunications provider about the impending 3G Network shutdown, now scheduled for August 31st, 2024. This transition marks a significant milestone as older networks make way for more advanced technologies. While this shift promises improved connectivity and efficiency, it also necessitates adjustments for devices reliant on 3G, including lift phones.

Impact on Lift Phones
Lift phones play a critical role in ensuring safety and communication within buildings, especially during emergencies. With the 3G shutdown, lift phones operating solely on 3G will cease to function beyond the specified date. Additionally, some lift phones using 4G devices without voice call support will also be affected, posing potential risks in emergency situations.

Action Required
To mitigate disruptions and ensure continued functionality, it is imperative to take proactive measures:
1. Firmware Upgrades: We have confirmed that the lift phones provided by Melbourne Elevators are capable of 4G connectivity. However, some units may require firmware upgrades to support this transition. We are committed to identifying and upgrading units where necessary to minimise disruption.

2. Cost Considerations: While we strive to keep costs minimal, firmware upgrades may incur a fee of $300.00 + GST per lift. This fee covers essential tasks such as re-programming units and administrative duties.

3. Alternative Solutions: In some cases, complete unit replacement may be deemed more efficient than on-site firmware upgrades. This approach ensures seamless integration with minimal disruption to operations.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

As part of our commitment to safety and compliance, Melbourne Elevators prioritizes the installation of 4G-compatible units. However, for lifts installed by other companies, it's essential to assess compatibility and take necessary actions to ensure compliance with safety standards.

FAQs: Addressing Common Concerns

1. GSM Technology: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones serve as the backbone of lift communication systems, utilizing SIM cards for network connectivity.

2. Dual SIM Requirement: To ensure uninterrupted service, dual SIM functionality is recommended, minimising the risk of service disruptions due to network outages or provider issues.

3.Cost Considerations: The cost of upgrading lift phone units may vary depending on factors such as technology specifications and service provisions. Melbourne Elevators offers competitive pricing for dual SIM phone systems, prioritising reliability and longevity.


As we navigate the transition away from 3G networks, it is crucial to prioritise safety, compliance, and uninterrupted communication within buildings. Melbourne Elevators remains committed to supporting our clients through this transition, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety.

For further inquiries or assistance, please contact us at Together, let's ensure seamless communication and safety in every lift journey.

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Ambar Tynan
Operations Manager
Melbourne Elevators

Published: May 31, 2024

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